A Ghost in the Family

Story by Pokebub22’s Grandma: My Grandma said she was looking for an important vaccine paper, but she couldn’t find it. Then suddenly she felt weird and she felt like she was getting pulled down and she dropped some papers and found the vaccine paper then she felt all better. But she only felt better a bit , so she lied down on the couch and started watching TV in the dark. Then, she said she saw a weird light that came from the ceiling into the TV and the TV blacked out. Everything else was working except for the TV. Then she suddenly fell asleep and at that same moment, there was a blackout at my house. My grandma also said that what ever happened yesterday must’ve been my dead great, great grandpa’s ghost. When I used her restroom, the curtains from the bathtub were moving by them selves. What do you think? Fake or Real? Leave a comment.

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Strange 6-8 Light Ball UFOs over Monrovia

Story by Pokebub22: In school, my friends and I were playing on the swings and then we saw these strange balls of light flying really up high above us. There were about 6 to 8 of them. They were forming a V and they kept on blinking. It happened in 2012. What do you think it was? Comment and comment on the Encounters page so I can make a new post about any encounter. ~Pokebub22

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